Get involved

We invite you to participate in SEEtrust!

There are various ways to get involved:

  • Invest: we offer the opportunity to invest in a specific project or in SEEtrust as a whole. Your participation will be risk bearing but offers a likely return on investment in three ways:
    - financial: through interest and/or profit sharing (our prospected return will be between 7 and 15% on average per year)
    - social: facilities (like schools, healthcare unit etc.) will be constructed and donated to local public benefit organizations
    - personal: direct personal connection to our projects and people in the communities we work with create meaningful relationships, experiences and learnings.
  • Participate actively by bringing in your time, talent and network, either structurally during a longer period or incidentally on occasions.
  • Donate resources (financially or materially (like sewing machines, building materials, computers)). These will be passed on to the end user (a community, a child, a family, a women entrepreneur) without any cost and further interference.
  • Contribute to financing and supporting our SEEtrust operations (to help us cover our operating costs).

Please contact us with your ideas.

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