Thsepang was established in Princess Informal Settlement (Roodepoort) in 2006 by Susan Rammekwa. In 2007 Tshepang was able to support 80 children, with ten staff. In 2010 – after SEEtrust got involved as a partner in 2007 – that number has grown to over 250 children (aged 2-18 years), with 27 staff. At the moment Tshepang has a broad variety of sponsors and sources of income which together create a solid financial basis. The income from government subsidies, corporate investors and private donors is augmented with the income generated through small commercial activities: a bakery, a sewing atelier, and a vegetable garden.


  • Growing the current bakery into a larger and more professional bakery with a much bigger profit margin
  • Investing in developing a more professional day care organisation: investing in the skills development of the staff (taking ownership, initiating and maintaining collaborative working relationships, educational and socio-psychological skills)
  • Redefining the partnership between Tshepang and SEEtrust, now that Tshepang has become financial self-sustaining

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