Zonkizizwe Day Care was established in 2006 by Rebecca Jumba. The organisation supports 142 children (aged 0-18 years) in Kaalfontein. The (street)children have been all referred: by the local school, the social worker or the church. Rebecca and the ten staff members all work as volunteers. They run the organisation in four containers – on a plot of land which the local government has allocated to them on a temporary basis. The organisation depends on food donations and donations of school- and play materials, as they don’t have any other sources of income at the moment.


  • Short-term: to find structural sources of income (through sponsors, subsidies or small commercial activities), to establish a healthy financial foundation. This would also make it possible to pay the staff decently, which would put an end to the high turnover and make it possible to attract more qualified staff
  • To start small commercial activities: to create jobs for the single moms and other women in the township, and to create an extra source of income for the day care
  • Longer-term: to move to a permanent location, which would also make it possible to attract new sponsors and investors (who demand a permanent location before getting involved)

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