Lulamani Day Care Centre was established in Rabie Ridge in 2005 by Angie Duba. The organisation – using containers placed in Angie’s backyard as classrooms – currently offers support to 102 children (aged 0-6 years). There are currently three classrooms. Lulamani’s main source of income are the monthly payments of parents. This amount of income varies each month – as many parents are unpredictable payers. Angie doesn’t pay herself a salary, but is able to pay her two staff persons a modest monthly stipend.

Business development

  • Achieving a healthy financial situation: administrative discipline and addressing the unreliable payment patterns of parents
  • Short-term: ensuring proper facilities at the current location: there is one extra classroom needed to ensure proper preschool education, and to meet the criteria of the Department of Health and Safety.
  • Long-term: to find new facilities on proper, legal land which allow many more children to benefit from the programme and which will attract new sponsors and investors (who are currently not interested because the day care is home-based at the moment).

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