Ebuhleni Day Care has been established in 2000 by Jeanette Ndlovu, when she started with five children. Currently Ebuhleni supports 72 children (aged 0-6 years) in Ivory Park. Ebuhleni has been set up in Jeanette’s house: it makes use of two rooms (as classroom and office), the kitchen, and the backyard (as playground and exterior classroom). The SEEtrust partnership has enabled Jeanette to create a solid and healthy financial basis for her daycare programme. Jeanette runs her daycare with the help of two staff members and her daughter.


  • Short-term: ensuring proper facilities at the current location: there is one extra classroom needed to ensure proper preschool education, and to meet the criteria of the Department of Health and Safety.
  • Long-term: to find new facilities on proper, legal land which allow many more children to benefit from the programme and which will attract new sponsors and investors (who are currently not interested because the day care is home-based at the moment).

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