Daycare center

Services offered

Each daycare offers a broad range of services, always including:

  • a feeding scheme ensuring the children recieve one or two nutrious meals
  • a place of safety ensuring the children are protected from any form of abuse
  • preschool education (2-6 year old)
  • a space and time to play
  • homework guidance (6-18 years old)
  • personal attention and care: each child has one staff person who takes a particular interest in the child’s well-being and maintains contact with the family of caregiver
  • home visits: each staff maintains regular contact with at most ten families; she pays regular home visits, advises the parents of caregivers in raising their children, and provides practical support, such as ensuring the child has an ID, is enrolled in school, or filing the papers so the family receives their child support grant.

Each day care is open Monday through Friday. The opening- and closing times vary between 6-9 am and 5-7 pm. During school holidays the day care remains open, except for the Christmas holidays. During that period they close for two weeks.

Target group: vulnerable and orphaned children

The day care programmes target vulnerable and orphaned children living in the townships of Johannesburg. These include children who have lost both their parents (often to HIV/Aids) and children who are especially vulnerable due their home situation (for instance, the mother is so ill she has to stay in bed all the time, or there is a lot of unsafety at home due to alcohol abuse, or fysical and sexual abuse).

Each day care programme is run in the neighbourhood they cater for. Children and their families live within walking distance. The day care has been started by a woman who lives in that same neighbourhood (Angie, Jeanette, Rebecca, Gladys), or who got to know that neighbourhood and each child’s situation very well (Susan, Nomathemba).

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