Women Entrepreneurship

Women are major players in social development, because of their natural tendency to focus on the well-being of children and communities as a whole. In poor communities where children are very vulnerable and family-structures are fragile (because of the Aids epidemic, high unemployment and substance abuse), that focus is much needed.

SEEtrust Women Entrepreneurship’s current focus is on growing the entrepreneurial capability of six women who started day care centers for vulnerable and orphaned children in their townships.

The two pillars of this programme are

  1. the business and personal skills training: a training programme which takes place once a month, and
  2. the partnership with business women in the Netherlands or South Africa, who act as a supporting partner for the social entrepreneur.

Focus areas in working together are: building self-knowledge and self-confidence, developing entrepreneurial mindset, financial skills and interpersonal skills, and gaining access to sponsors and investors, and ensuring proper day care facilities.

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