Alexandra Youth Group

In March 2011, we met a youth group in Alexandra, a large township close to the wealthy business centre of Johannesburg: Sandton. A group of about 12 youth run and hang out at the Jukskey Car Wash. A couple of them run the car wash, which generates just enough to cover the rent, the rest comes to spend their time together there. SEEtrust engaged with them to develop small business activities, linked to their passion, talents and local opportunities.

When we met, they felt like being in a prison: they saw no way out. We reconnected with their dreams and mobilized their energy to take responsibility and initaitive towards their future. This first exploration resulted in three business ideas: an internet café, a wheelchair repair and rental business, and a small construction company, focused on refurbishing old buildings in Alex.


Business development:

  • We are supporting them to do a feasibility study: explore the market, the investment costs, business requirements.
  • The next step is developing business plans for each of the three business ideas.
  • For those business plans that have clear potential, we will look for investors to help start these businesses.

Coaching of the young entrepreneurs will remain a continuous process.

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