Mamelodi YMCA

SEEtrust supports the re-development of the YMCA in the large Mamelodi township near Pretoria. The focus is on creating a vibrant and self sustaining place, where youth can develop themselves and be supported in that, link with others, start small business, and have a positive contribution to the Mamelodi Community.

The YMCA played an important role in developing the youth of Mamelodi, in the late 70s and in the 80s. In the 90s the place was abandoned and run down. The current director of the YMCA, Victor Nkosi, was one of the youth who benefited from the YMCA when he was young. After achieving his degree from a US university and working overseas, he came back and and started to rebuild the place step by step. He is dedicated to make the place again a beacon and stepping stone for local youth, the way it has been for him.

Business development:
The YMCA is situated in a strategic location in Mamelodi, where it has a large piece of land and buildings. SEEtrust, in partnership with Ifa Lethu, the Mamelodi Campus of the university of Pretoria, and Dodici, started to work with Victor to:

  • create a clean and secure base for building the future (sort out problems of the past, arrange security)
  • develop a network of people inside Mamelodi and outside, who can support the development of a vibrant youth programme
  • support the start of small businesses, to create income as well as development opportunities for youth.
  • attract investors, for investing in the infrastructure for the business and social activities.

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