Diepsloot Youth Consortium

Since mid 2010, SEEtrust is working with Youth in Diepsloot, to help them organize themselves, get facilities and have a positive impact of youth in Diepsloot. SEEtrust is supporting the development of a consortium of local youth organizations, in order to connect individual initiatives, share and develop resources, learn from each other, and grow the impact they have on the Diepsloot community.

Diepsloot is a large township in the north of Johannesburg, where about 200.000 live, with an unemployment rate of about 75%, and where support and resources for youth are scarce. Diepsloot Youth Consortium brings together organizations, started by Diepsloot youth who are dedicated to have a positive influence on their own lives, on the lives of their peers and on the community as a whole.

At the moment Diepsloot Youth Consortium consist of two organizations:

YD CAT (Youth Development Community Action Team)

YDCAT, registered as a ngo, is a youth group who wants to encourage, support and assist youth to regain self-confidence, to invest in their own well-being, to build a positive future for themselves and for others. By doing this they inspire and activate youth, bridge divides and help to change worlds for others.

YD CAT informs yout about career opportunities, about how to look after themselves (to stay away from drugs, alcohol, sex, to check on Hiv/Aids, and to invest in healthy food, stay in school, ….). They also actively assist youth to get access to resources to realize their dreams (specifically to continue education and to start the career they envision for themselves).

At the moment, YD CAt has 27 members.

In 2011, our work with YD CAT focuses on:

(1) the creation of a home base: a place where the youth can come together after school, to do homework, sports and to connect.

(2) providing information on career and development opportunities: inviting professionals in various fields of work, school counseling, helping to apply for university, etc.

Born Talented

Born Talented uses theatre and arts as a medium to develop youth. BT runs an after school programme where working on theatre is combined with developing life skills and supporting homework. From the basic starting point that everyone has talent, they support youth to stay on a positive path (away from drugs, crime, etc) and develop their talents inside and outside of school.

BT runs every day of the week and has about 40 participants between the age of 16 and 22.

Business development

  • Geting to know other youth programmes in Diepsloot and inviting them into the consortium.
  • Develop the leadership of YD CAT and helping this team of four (Gift, Petrus, Sipho en Bridget) in creating focus, in implementing their plans and in developing their organization and their network.

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