Our model of intervention

  • Our partners are individuals who have already started and initiated ‘their dream’ (which tells us there is entrepreneurial ability): they are committed to their initiative and will continue it – with or without our help. At the same time they struggle to make a proper living and/or grow their organisation.
  • Each partnership is about joining forces (each of us brings expertise, know-how, access to networks, resources) to create one main outcome: an organisation or initiative that uplifts individuals and communities and that is financially self-sustaining.
  • In working towards financial independence we focus on attracting structural sources of funding and sponsoring, and we focus on initiating income-generating activities.
  • Key in all our partnerships is to create mutual learning: developing a real understanding of what it takes be successful as a (social) entrepreneur, developing the individual talents of our partners, as well as their business skills.
  • We approach each partnership as a case study to help us learn what works and doesn’t work in building entrepreneurial capability and in moving beyond the charity paradigm. We work together with universities to do research and publicize our findings.


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