Our guiding principles

Our approach is based on the following principles:

  • Social and economical empowerment are intertwined. They need to be addressed simultaneously. When we combine the best of both worlds, one plus one is more than two.
  • We are all part of one world, one community, and we are all in it together. Empowerment is not black or white, it is about individuals and communities regardless of their status, colour, religion, culture. The power is in connecting across people, cultures, and colours.
  • We start from strengths, possibilities and energy. Every person has possibilities, every person has capabilities and every person has a drive. Using these as a starting point will create development and empowerment, much more and much faster than looking at what is not there.
  • Joint local ownership and responsibility makes development powerful and sustainable. We are not bringing solutions from outside, we are not taking over responsibility. It is the individual and the community itself which is responsible for creating solutions, for their own development. Through connecting with the community we are enabling this: bringing in investment, creating social and economical structures, creating facilities, these are merely the context for local ownership and development.
  • Working and learning opportunities are the cornerstones for development and empowerment. They create income and the capabilities needed for sustainable development. Creating a setting in which work, education and learning are combined is key in our approach.
  • Entrepreneurship is a better base for sustainable development and empowerment than donorship. Our entrepreneurial approach is aimed at development and value creation that are self supporting, independent of gifts.
  • You can not learn and grow others, but you can create and foster a favourable and stimulating environment for growth. Our role is like being a gardener, who has a passion for plants, trees and beautiful gardens. He knows that grass doesn’t grow by pulling it. A gardener plants seeds, creates conditions for growth, supports the well being of plants and trees through feeding and cultivating, and looks for a balanced development of all elements in the garden to make it a beautiful whole.
  • The world is a global community in which we are interdependent across countries and continents. What happens in one place, has effects elsewhere. Our approach is global: people from different countries working together to create something worthwhile. This global partnership is personal and shows that we don’t need to be multinationals to be working together globally and to make a real difference.
  • We develop an open concept, with no given limits upfront. It aims to be holistic. SEEtrust is not only a social project, not only an economical project. It is multipurpose, multi-perspective, and inclusive. When we combine the best of different perspectives and different worlds, we increase the possibilities for growth. We aim at creating a natural dynamic and base for growth, with inherent energy that attracts more energy and growth.
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