SEEtrust’s aim is to grow entrepreneurial capability: to join forces to establish and grow social organisations with a solid financial base. In this way we want to move beyond the charity paradigm in which one party is receiving (staying dependent and expected to be grateful) and one party is giving.


We meet women, men, youth who have initiated a social programme in their own township: a daycare for vulnerable and orphaned children, a youth home base for high risk youth, individuals who want to invest in job creation – for themselves and for others in their community.

We see that as social entrepreneurs they struggle: they struggle to have their initiative develop into a robust organisation with a solid financial basis.

We believe that sustainable social development is realised where individuals take ownership, develop the needed business skills, and generate their incomes from a combination of non profit and for profit sources.

We become co-entrepreneurs: we build a personal working relationship, take time to connect with their work reality, provide personal and business skills coaching, and collaborate to get actual work done. To ensure proper facilities, to start up profit-making activities (such as a bakery), and to inform and inspire potential sponsors.

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