Kenneth Sebokolodi

Looking for a sponsor

Who he is
Kenneth is a very bright and talented 13 year old. He is doing very well in school, has a real talent for drawing, and is one of the five youth-leaders in the Tshepang programme, always willing to offer a helping hand. He enjoys helping other kids with their homework, and often takes the initiative organising events. He is very aware of the need to act as one family within Tshepang, as many of the children – including himself – don’t have a real family situation at home.

If asked what he would like to become as an adult, Kenneth says he would like to become a chemical scientist, and if that wouldn’t work out, he would opt for becoming an astronaut.

His life situation
Kenneth lives with his aunt Yvonne (27), who has a child of her own: Phenyo (5). Initially they used to live at his granny’s house, but her boyfriend was treating Kenneth so rudely, that Yvonne decided to take him out of that situation. Yvonne isn’t working at the moment, but she is making an effort.

Kenneth has an older brother who supports them: he helps to pay for food, for things Kenneth needs for school, and for the rent of their shack. Recently a sister of Yvonne (Iris) moved in as well, together with her small child. She earns an income, but only spends money on herself and her own child.

The small shack is really getting crowded and Kenneth – a 13 year old young man – feels a growing need for some privacy amongst a household of women and small children.

Kenneth & Yolandi

Yolandi, Kenneth’s social worker
Yolandi helps Kenneth apply for a foster care grant (in process). If they are successful, this could mean a supplemental income of R450 per month. At the moment Yvonne receives R400 in child support money: R200 for Phenyo (her own child) and R200 for Kenneth.

As Yolandi states, Kenneth would really benefit from personal contact and encouragement.

In supporting him financially, he would be much helped with toiletries (his own toothbrush, his own toothpaste), school text books, school project material, and trousers and shoes for church and warm clothing. On average this could mean a financial support of R500 a month.

Because Kenneth is so talented, it would be nice for him to be assured of a sponsor who can see him through university – personally or through helping him find a bursery.

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