Individual Support

In the townships of Johannesburg live many, many children and youth, all unique individuals just like ourselves. Some of them would greatly benefit from establishing a relationship with an Umlindi (umlindi means guardian angel in zulu): a person or a family who wants to develop a personal relationship with the child, and who is willing to provide the needed financial or material support. So the child can build a sound future for him- or herself. A child like Kenneth (14 years), whose parents died of Aids, and is now living with his aunt, who is unemployed. Or Gift (19 years), who works hard in school to be able to go into university, but lacks the funds to actually get in.

Each child or youngster whom we profile, is someone we know personally. If you become an Umlindi, you can establish contact (in English) through email or through personal visits. All your support (your donations, financially or otherwise) will go directly to the person or the family involved.

Each profile tells you who the child is, what is characteristic of his or her life at the moment, and what his or her specific needs are. You get to the profiles by clicking on the photos.

If you are considering to sponsor a child of youngster, please contact Janny van Lieshout for further information.

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