SEEtrust WE March Meeting Part 1: Uncovering your ‘inner’ profession with Frans Sandbergen

Last Friday the SEEtrust South African Women Network met for their third day of the Personal and Business Training Skills Programme. The morning was dedicated to sharing insights based on the wonderful individual meetings that Frans Sandbergen had had earlier in the week with each of the six women: Jeanette, Gladys, Nomathemba, Beatrice, Kena and Solange.

Frans, who is a Dutch organisational consultant by profession is specialised in the cartographic conversation, a conversation in which he invites the person to discover what he calls their ‘inner profession’: the unique wisdom and abilities the person brings to whatever work he or she is doing.

The conversations with Frans helped them become conscious and give words to their innate abilities. It became a morning of celebration: celebrating the profound love the women feel for the children they work with, celebrating their inventiveness in making children understand and learn, celebrating their playful ways to help a child share deeply traumatic experiences….  Frans provided every participant with a written reflection, and as Beatrice expressed ‘This is a real treasure.  It will act as a mirror, reminding me what my essential contribution is at times when I start to forget…..’

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