The SEEtrust women network meets for their February business skills training

On February 23 the SEEtrust Women Network met for their second business skills training day. Ann Holt (Life Empowerment Training Skills) was there to explain the basics of financial management. It showed once more the importance of monthly budgeting to be able to establish a sustainable social organisation or a profit-making business.

Understanding the basics meant for the women in the network understanding that expenses can never exceed income; that as the director of an organisation you need to pay yourself a salary and not take home at the end of the month what is left over, be it R2 or R 2000; it means recognizing all kinds of purchases as business expenses, such as toilet paper, electricity, air time, sugar….

The coming months all women will work on calculating their February budget based on real income and real expenses and on calculating a projected budget for March based on expected income and expenses.

And as Nomathemba said later that week “It is not only us benefiting from this very valuable training. When I was in church on Sunday I taught all that I had learned about budgeting to the other church committee-members. They were thrilled, and wondered why I had waited that long to teach them …. ”

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