Nomathemba Madlala starts her own after school programme at Luyolo Primary School, Soweto

Nomathemba has reached a major milestone today. Today she officially opened her after school programme at the Luyolo Primary School, located in Protea Glen (Soweto). After a difficult year in which building a good, solid working relationship with another school in the neighborhood turned out to be impossible, Nomathemba decided to focus her efforts on exploring possibilities in working together with the Luyolo School. Mr. Goodman Nkomo, the principal, and the governing board of the school have been very excited about the prospect of collaborating, right from the beginning. And now, four months later, Nomathemba’s dream has come true: as of tomorrow she will be providing thirty children in destitute circumstances with home work guidance, socio-psychological support and an afternoon meal.

Ineke Khalil, Janny van Lieshout and Maaike Klasen continue to be her SEEtrust supporting partners. Janny and Maaike have also been active as fundraisers, making sure Nomathemba has sufficient start-up funding: to be able to start her programme and to have the time to build her network of sponsors so her dependence on Janny and Maaike will have greatly diminished in six months time.

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