Ineke speaks at two conferences

DSC07586Ineke has been speaking at the International Conference on Entrepreneurship at the Business School of Wits University, and at the Yente Women Business Network Forum, organised with SANEC.

She shared SEEtrust’s learnings on what makes partnerships work in fostering the growth of social entrepreneurs working in informal settlements.

Her specific focus was on the partnerships formed within the SEEtrust SA/NL Women Network.

The research, which she did together with Christin Tonne, makes clear that these partnerships can have a tremendous positive impact on the ability of the local social entrepreneurs to grow their organisations: women who have started day care centers for vulnerable children in one of the informal settlements in the Johannesburg-region.  The story of the SEEtrust/Tshepang partnership just goes to prove this point.

In learning what makes the SEEtrust partnerships work, Ineke also touched upon the stumbling blocks she and the partners encounter in making a partnership productive.

At both conferences participants engaged in lively discussions and showed a lot of interest in the SEEtrust Women Network initiative as a model towards growing entrepreneurial ability.

Download the research paper ‘Fostering the Growth of Social Entrepreneurship.

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