Jan 2009: A word with Susan

dsc_0262This week, Nazih and Paul met with Susan. We discussed the developments at Tshepang.

At the start of this year, they have 136 children in the program. Some of the children moved in the holidays to their homelands. This number will rise in the coming weeks and months as new children come in.

Life around Tshepang is hard: the poverty combined with the fact that still many people die of HIV/Aids. Especially the generation that has children. This leads to more and more child headed households. Tshepang is a basic necessity for these children to have access to food and education. Luckily, none of the children is sick.

Susan and her team are well organized, but have so many things to do. This ranges from the daily program activities to getting birth certificates for children who have none, registering children into schools, finding money to buy books, applying for small grants for grandparents so that they can buy some food… The list of activities goes on and on.

Susan has set up Tshepang as an NGO and runs it professionally. She is recognized by the government which means that they get basic funding (and off course lots of paperwork that comes with it). This provides a financial base but is not enough. There is a constant need for extra money: for uniforms, transport, books, …..

It is a good thing that the team Susan works with is quite stable, which allows them to really build something together and create continuous development.

We have deep respect for all that is achieved by Susan and her team. It makes so much difference for the children and the whole community!

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